was involved in the film world in my early twenties, both as a film buff with admiration for the brilliant films being made in the 60s and on the production side, both as extra and as a friend of various writers, producers, editors. 

But, like many people, I never imagined back then that I could find a challenging and rewarding role in full time acting. As one highly successful film critic recently said about his own youth: “At that time I would have dreamed about being a quality control person in a factory that made alligator-skin wedgies for Peruvian cross dressers sooner than I would ever have dreamed about being a film critic.”

My belief that I might actually be able to play an interesting or fun part on the screen  came about at a late stage, when I was already fifty, when an agent I met fleetingly suggested that I should try it. 

Since that fateful day, acting has given me  some of the most exhilarating and fascinating days I have ever had, playing an unexpectedly wide range of minor characters in some excellent films. 

     Spanish bishop ... in Elizabeth             Soldier ... in Vanity Fair             Solicitor ... in Vera Drake