... words and photos from the various roads taken and well-trodden to the dreams fulfilled and dashed.

                Being old school, I would argue that it is impossible to capture a life in the most meaningful ways on the internet. But I understand that at this stage in the 21st century, when social media is a tsunami that can’t be stopped, you can do aught but try. 


It has been an interesting journey. 

Long by the clock or calendar but not all that long in my mind. 

Writing has always been a part of it. Or at least always a part since some time in my teens. 

And Acting, the latest part of the journey, although only important to me during the last 15 years, was almost the most decisive stop I have made.

When did the journey begin? Geographically it started, appropriately enough, in London, on a sunny June day in 1970, and in Greece, the island of Naxos, a few weeks later. 

There were places before those places, starting in Ireland and taking in Canada. Those were places that chose me, formed me. 

It was only in London and Naxos that I began to make the choices myself, searching for the right form, that the real journey began.  

The journey that has taken me, much later, to Thailand and now, finally, to the Philippines.

Moving on - 

I have been living there on and off for the last 10 years, at first merely having fun while I explored two dozen of the country's finest islands, basking in the extraordinary sunshine, and more recently as a husband and father. 

It has been an exciting time of discovery and learning throughout, which I have written up in a book, A Child @ 70, combining a guide to the country's beaches and cities with the twists and turns I took in my late transition from a footloose bachelor boy to a settled man. 

More recently, I have added another, less controversial book, Manila's Beaches, a guide to the Top 60 Seaside Escape on the Big Island of Luzon, all accessible by road, starting from Manila. 

  Manila Beaches FINALjpg

Manila's Beaches - An Intro:

       "Whatever your idea of the perfect Seaside Escape, the Philippines is well placed to provide the answer. It is a 1,800 km / 1,200 m long archipelago of 7,107 tropical islands, every one offering the chance to get away – soft sand beaches with crystalline waters protected by brilliant coral reefs, sheltered by swaying palm trees. The big island of Luzon, the largest of the lot, has the widest variety of escapes. Luzon is well known for its magnificent inland attractions – from Manila, the country’s capital, to mountainous rice terraces and spectacular volcanoes – but it remains a tropical island with 5,000 km / 3,000 miles of coastline – indented with bays and coves – plus 100s of smaller, off-shore islands – all harbouring wonderful Top Beaches. Manila makes the logical starting point for visits to all of these Top Beaches because it is the first port of call for most visitors to the country and the starting point for a network of roads which reach every corner of the island."